cRisk Academy

Globally Recognized Internal Audit Certifications and Career Certificates

Practical internal audit certifications and certificate programs you can earn in 1-2 months, designed for ambitious professionals who value convenience. Take your career to new heights and earn more money!

  • Learn at Your Own Pace: Complete the programs on your own terms and timeline, from the comfort of your home or office, and earn them in as little as a few days or 1-2 months. Spend more time with those you love instead of wasting years studying in your personal time.
  • Stand out to Employers: Make yourself stand out from the competition by having a modern certificate or certification you can include on LinkedIn or your resume to prove your competence and get your next job.
  • Improved Confidence: You can confidently apply for your next job and have the in-demand, practical skills to grow in your career.
  • No Education or Work Experience Requirements: We don't require education, work experience or any pre-requisites to get certified. You can start today without any application, testing fees, or separate study material to purchase. Everything you need is in the course.
  • Practical Testing: Avoid test anxiety since our exams are designed to test your knowledge, not trick you with misleading answer choices. You are guaranteed to pass the exam.
  • Lifetime Recognition: There are no costs to "maintain" or re-certify each year. You register, do the work, get the certification and you have it for life without hidden fees or hoop jumping.
  • Globally Recognized: Our certificates are recognized all over the world.
  • Digital Badges and Block Chain Certificates: Earn block chain certificates and digital badges you can use to prove your knowledge on social media and your resume.
  • Earn More Money: Since a new position or job can mean $10,000-$50,000+ in annual compensation they are also a great return on investment (ROI). Certified individuals typically earn over 50% more than those without certifications.

** The following are registered trademarks of Mefford Multimedia, LLC as issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office: Certified Agile Auditor Professional® (cAAP™), Certified Chief Audit Executive® (cCAE™), Certified Practitioner in Internal Audit® (cPIA™), and Certified Total Quality Auditor® (cTQA™)

** The following are trademarks of Mefford Multimedia, LLC: Certified in Objective Centric Risk & Certainty Management™ (cORCM™), Certified Risk Based Auditor™ (cRBIA™), Certificate in Internal Audit Management™, Certificate in Audit Investigation™, Certificate in Risk Based Internal Auditing™, Certificate in COSO Internal Control™, Certificate in Fraud-Based Internal Auditing™, Certificate in Agile Auditing™, Certificate in Internal Audit Report Writing™, Certificate in Internal Audit Data Analytics™, Certificate in Internal Audit Supervision™, Certificate in Internal Audit Fundamentals™, Certificate in Sarbanes Oxley™