Certification Exams Success Plan - 90-Day Success Study Plan + Multi-Sensory Learning

Field: Personal Development | Delivery Method: Self Study | CPE Hours: 6.0

It takes most people a lot of time and money to study and pass certification exams.

As an example, 60% of people fail the Certified Internal Auditor exams, which means people are studying and taking exams often for years, and that means usually hundreds of hours of their personal time studying away from family and friends.

Why do so many people have difficulty passing the exams?

Most people studying for exams only focus on the academic side of the test, reading boring books and doing endless practice questions until they feel like they understand all the information. They try to memorize the correct answers and often use less effective methods of study, like reading a book which most people only retain 10% of what they read or doing endless practice questions instead of actually learning the material and preparing themselves mentally.

In fact, most people take certification exams over, and over, and over again. The more one fails exams, the harder it is for one to pass because they are subconsciously conditioning themself not to pass next time.

“I failed the exams many times and was about to give up. I had so much anxiety about studying and taking the exams that it was driving me crazy. My anxiety went away when I found Jason’s course.” – Lisa

And this course can be the most effective way to pass quicker and avoid wasting time and money by failing exams!

“Your program was an integral part for me passing the exams!” – Dani

The four keys to passing any certification exam:

  • mindset,
  • commitment,
  • good study habits, and
  • quality materials.

Mindset issues are the #1 reason why people fail the exams.

Most people who struggle with passing the exam have mental blocks … especially when they’ve already failed some exams. The more times they fail exams, the more mental blocks they subconsciously create.

If you are like most people studying for the exams, you've probably experienced some of these:

  • you find reading the study materials confusing and boring
  • you can't remember what you studied
  • you have a hard time finding the time to study consistently
  • you are unsure if you are prepared to pass the exam
  • you struggle to balance work with your studying
  • you can't figure out why you keep failing the exams
  • you have anxiety about taking the exams
  • you believe you will fail the exam

Wouldn't it be great to remove those mental blocks and re-program your brain so you pass next time, right!

"I passed all 3 exams on my first attempt (within 6 months) using this course. Getting my certification also allowed me to get a new position as Head of Internal Audit" - Husam

So now you may be asking "How do I get rid of the mental mindset blocks?"

You condition yourself for success using sub-conscious re-programming, multi-sensory learning, and developing good study habits.

Sound hard or a little crazy? Don’t worry. It’s actually backed in science, psychology and can be learned by anyone. Ever heard of peak-performance? It's what world-class athletes use to win world championships and those concepts are now included in the way you study for certification exams.

This course teaches how to remove those mental blocks, improve your mindset and your confidence so you pass the exams on your next attempt, regardless of what study materials you are using for the academic side.

This course includes valuable resources to help you pass certification exams in 90-days or less, regardless of what study materials you are currently using:

  • 90-Day Certification Success Plan, and
  • Multi-Sensory LearningTM Course
  • Self Hypnosis Meditation Audios and Affirmations (sub-conscious reprograming audios by a world-class hypnotherapist specifically for exams so you feel more confident and eliminate test anxiety)

90-Day Certification Success Plan:

  • Step-by-Step instruction on exactly how to exams in 90-days or less. Learn how organize each day, week, and month of study so you improve your study, your confidence and pass each the first time.
  • Certification exams are both mental and academic, and one of the biggest reasons people fail the exam multiple times is because they are not prepared mentally. This course shows you exactly what to do to prepare for each exam.
  • It also includes Self Hypnosis Meditation Audios and Affirmations (sub-conscious reprograming audios by a world-class hypnotherapist specifically for exam study so you feel more confident and eliminate test anxiety).

The information you learn from this course, and included resources, will save you hundreds of hours of ineffective study and save you thousands of dollars in time and money, and probably help you pass exams at least one year quicker.

Multi-Sensory LearningTM Course:

Traditional learning methods mainly rely on the cognitive and conscious portions of the brain, which represents only about 10% of brain activity. Relying on traditional learning methods is one reason people have to re-read, re-learn and re-take exams so many times. It's also why it's difficult to recall information you already learned, and sometimes look silly when you can't remember.

Multi-Sensory LearningTM is a proprietary learning method that activates more senses in the learning process, and accesses the power of the subconscious brain, helping you learn quicker and retain more information.

This course explains the science behind learning and brain processing, and how to practically apply the Multi-Sensory LearningTM Loop to move from 10% retention to almost 70% retention.

  • Are you a life-long learner who wants to retain more of what you learn?
  • Are you studying in school or for certification exams and want to pass quicker or improve your exam scores?
  • Are you someone who has to learn lots of new information for your job / career?
  • Do you have difficulty learning in a traditional learning environment?
  • Want to remember things easier?

If you answered YES to any of these, this course will dramatically improve your learning, and help you get what you want.

Unlocking the power of your whole brain, opens up your whole world.


  • What is Multi-Sensory LearningTM
  • Learning Styles / Preferences
  • The Human Brain
  • Memory and Cognitive Function
  • Learning Loops
  • The Senses
  • Meditation
  • Putting it All Together
  • Multi-Sensory LearningTM Process and Resources

Field: Personal Development
Delivery Method: Self Study
CPE Hours: 6.0
Format: Video, Workbook, Self Hypnosis Audios

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Jason Mefford

Jason Mefford is a rock star in internal audit, risk management and compliance. He typically works with Chief Audit Executives (CAE) and professionals in audit, risk and compliance with the technical and soft-skills needed to navigate the land mines of organizations. He takes complicated, confusing & hard things, makes them practical, proactive & simple to improve learning and transformation. He's been an executive in charge of internal audit, risk management, ethics, compliance, and information security.

You can learn more about him at: https://www.jasonmefford.com and https://bit.ly/AuditLeader

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