Does your organization require invoicing, want to add customized team training, live virtual or hybrid options, and would you like to take advantage of HUGE discounts on your training investment?

Did you know cRisk Academy has convenient invoicing options, and we can customize team training bundles and hybrid options including live virtual sessions?

Our platform is built on credit card processing, so you can register and start any course 24/7, but we realize some organizations require invoicing and/or want customized solutions, so we support that too!

And when you use this option you can save a lot of money (examples of discounts available):

  • Register for $25,000 or more of courses, and save 10%
  • Register for $50,000 or more of courses, and save 20%
  • Register for $75,000 or more of courses, and save 30%

This is a great opportunity to provide your whole team with exactly what they need and the convenience of one invoice (credit card, check and wire transfer options available to pay the invoice in USD).

Here is how the process works:

  1. E-mail our Support Team today to learn more about the options available and what discounts you qualify for.
  2. Schedule a call to discuss options and so we can determine what customized solutions are best for you and your team... including if you may qualify for additional discounts if you are in a developing country, or work for a governmental organization.
  3. Set us up as a vendor in your system and obtain the necessary approvals on your end.
  4. Provide us with the names, emails, and courses you'd like on the invoice.
  5. We send you the invoice.
  6. Once we receive payment, we enroll your team into the courses from our side.
  7. Your team has lifetime access to the courses.

Here are some of the ways organizations have used the invoicing option and saved:

  • You want a customized experience for your team
  • You already plan to invest in training for your team and would rather pay one invoice instead of each person paying and going through the reimbursement or procurement card process.
  • You would like to enroll several people on your team in courses at the same time and pay one time.
  • You have budget remaining at the end of the year you will lose, so want to pay now and register for the courses later.
  • You want your whole team to go through the same training and then have a customized virtual call with the instructor to ask questions and tailor to your situation.
  • You want to take advantage of discounts.
  • You want to pay now and then we will enroll your team into courses when you tell us, saving you the time and frustration of processing multiple invoices on your side and waiting to get access until we receive payment.

You can save up to 50% off you annual training budget when you take advantage of this opportunity, why not schedule your call today!

To see what options are best for you and your audit department, send us an email today!