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Auditing the Culture of a Changed Workforce

By Jason Mefford

It's probably no surprise to you that the workforce and culture in organizations has changed significantly in the last two years. Terms like the great resignation, quiet quitting, return to work, inflation, worker disenchantment, and wage increase pressure are now common place in media and what people are talking about.

How should internal audit assess, adjust and audit these cultural changes? What are questions you should be asking yourself so you can adjust your audit plan for the rest of this year and for the coming year? READ MORE...

Internal Audit Leadership – My Time Has Come, Am I Ready?

By Hal Garyn

Most anyone in internal audit will ascend to the audit leadership ranks given time. For some, it happens quickly (perhaps too quickly?), and for others it might have been a long time coming. Perhaps your time in internal audit has not been the more logical progression of staff to senior to supervisor to manager, etc., and you have transferred in and/or out of internal audit. But, at some point in time, READ MORE...

Embracing the Spirit of Agile

By Hal Garyn

There has been, and will continue to be, a lot said about internal audit and a move to “agile auditing.” The use of quotes around “agile” is intentional, as there are the formal constructs of an agile implementation (scrums, stand-ups, etc.). But there are also just the concepts of what an agile implementation is designed to accomplish, or the spirit of embracing agile. READ MORE...

New Internal Audit Skills Needed - Data Analytics

by Jason Mefford

One of the biggest changes to the future of internal audit is using more data analytics. One can’t go anywhere in the audit world without hearing about the need to use more data analytics in our testing. READ MORE...