Inflation Just Ate Your Raise

By Jason Mefford

Do you know the real reason why 87% of Americans are stressing about money right now?

Inflation just ate your raise.

In fact, the average American is spending over $450 more each month.

So what are we doing to help, and what can you do?

We've held our prices consistent even though inflation is at an all time high. 

We realize you need training and certifications to help you get a better job and we are doing what we can to help.

You can look for a better paying job. 

The reality, your next couple of annual raises won't even make up for inflation this year... which mean if you want a higher paying job you will probably have to move to a new company, and the easiest way to do that is by getting certificates and professional certifications to help you stand out from the competition.

If you've been in the same job for 3-5 years or more, the reality is your annual raises won't keep up with inflation and you have less buying power now than you did last year. 

That's why you are probably finding it difficult to make ends meet and stress is creeping in.

But it’s not inflation or the rising costs of goods that causes stress. It's living from circumstances! 

Here are 4 reasons why:
- Money is the leading stressor right now.

- Financial anxiety is continuing to grow.

- It affects your physical health, mental health, relationships, and peace of mind.

- Money worries are completely unnecessary.

Just recently, the American Psychological Association reported that Americans are more stressed about money than ever. While the survey included Americans, I can just about guarantee that the results would be the same if surveyed anywhere else on the planet.

When you are stuck in a job and you slip into fear, worry, and doubt due to the current economy, you’re living from circumstances just like the masses. You are letting your current job situation control you instead of taking control of your career.

And the thing that’s most important for you to understand. If you want your external world to look different, you MUST change your internal world with a positive attitude and with more valuable skills that separate you from everyone else.

After all, if you want the payoff of higher pay you have to invest, and there is nothing with a greater return-on-investment than investing in YOU.

We are doing our part by keeping prices low for your professional development. 

Are you willing to invest in yourself?

If so, check out some of these options that you can earn in as little as a few days to a month that will help you get your next job.

Because really, isn't an investment of $297 or even $2,997 worth a pay increase of $10,000 to $20,000?